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Press Releases
  • 2015 Taiwan Economic Forecast- Continuing moderate growth   (Office of the Secretary-General 2014-12-16)
  • Academician Shu Chien Receives UCSD Roger Revelle Medal   (Office of the Secretary-General 2014-12-12)
  • Stamp the Brilliance: Ruins of Yin Ancient Chinese Artifacts Postage Stamp Release and Exhibition   (Office of the Secretary-General 2014-12-10)
  • Five Scholars Receive 3rd Academia Sinica Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences   (Office of the Secretary-General 2014-12-09)
  • Astronomers Identify Gas Spirals as a Nursery of Twin Stars through ALMA Observation   (Office of the Secretary-General 2014-12-04)
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    Seminars & Lectures
  • Lecture in Honor of Former President Hu Shih: The Utopian Impulse in Modern Chinese will be held on December 20, 2014    (Secretariat Office 2014-11-28)
  • IMB Frontier Seminar will be held on December 23, 2014   (Institute of Molecular Biology 2014-12-10)
  • Knowledge Feast Lecture for December: Archaeological Excavation on the Cliff - The Story of the Eight Thousand Years old "Liangdao Man" Unearthed will be held on December 30, 2014    (Secretariat Office 2014-12-01)
  • 2015 Asian Political Methodology Conference will be held on Jaunary 10, 2015    (Institute of Political Science 2014-12-05)
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    Announcements & Events
  • New Publication: Knowledge Feast Series X   (Secretariat Office 2014-12-16)
  • Recipients of 2015 Academia Sinica Career Development Award   (Academic Affairs Office 2014-12-10)
  • Recipients of 2015 Investigator Award Academia Sinica   (Academic Affairs Office 2014-12-08)
  • Announcement of the 2015 1st Session of Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Research Fellowships   (Academic Affairs Office 2014-12-04)
  • Application Announcement: 2015 Dr. Hu Shih Memorial Chair   (Secretariat Office 2014-10-29)
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